About me

This love story with traveling has been in the making since the mid 90’s when I was in my teens and the internet’s online world was just on the verge of being born whereas the social media world was yet to be conceived. I used to travel cross countries to meet my parents during my residential school breaks. Traveling alone as a teenager gave me my first taste of independence and exposure to multiple cultures by meeting travelers from different aspect of lives. One such young traveler with a backpack full of country flag pins left an enduring mark on me. She told me she was enroute her 12th country in the last 4 months and had another few months to go until she returned back to her home in London. I don’t remember the many stories she told me during that flight but what I do remember is that I was very passionately listing to her stories from around the world. The one thing that stuck with me from that flight was, I wanted to go and explore what this world has to offer… just like her.

Fast forward to the present, I have a wonderful corporate job and a partner in crime on all my travel adventures in the form my loving husband. Since we both work full-time, it means not getting unlimited vacation time to do what we passionately love to do.. Explore the World! However, at this point I should add, I have since traveled to the other side of the world, the United States of America, where I currently reside with my husband and we both have explored quite a bit of this gorgeous & geographically diverse country. Yet, our desire to experience the treasures of the world keeps both our feet tickling but to be honest we have to be careful on how we plan our trips to maximize the most out of our “Tra-cation” (nickname for Travelling Vacation) and to get that perfect work/travel balance.

Planning is the key to a great vacation yet it can also be extremely time consuming and a cumbersome task. Trust me when I say, I know the effort that goes into it. I have spend hours reading travel magazines, online travel blogs and asking friends & family questions on their recent travel experiences to places that’s on my radar .. oh .. and not to mention, spamming my husband’s email with all this information before any trip (He still loves me!). Each and every one of their tips & recommendations help make our travel experience memorable. In an attempt to give back and share our experiences in today’s day and age of online boom, we finally came about to start this travel blog series. Here we will be sharing our travel experiences, planning, lessons learnt, fun facts, tips and photography (a passion shared by both me and my husband) and hope you all will enjoy it.

I also really do hope that MyTicklefeet can help you build your own unique and exciting itinerary to go and explore places or perhaps just get you excited enough to go out and about. Do share your thoughts, suggestions or if you have any travel related questions do not hesitate to leave us a note in the comment section. We love to hear from you all 😀

Happy Travelling!

Love. Life. Passion. Travel. Adventure. Learn. Relish. Give. Smile. Hope. #Thenew10commandments

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